What is the NOURISH formula for success?

Nourish formula Personal attention: one week prior to the course commencing each participant attends a 30 minute one-to-one session with Alli. The results of your health questionnaire are assessed, your body composition measurements taken, preparation shopping lists and NOURISH diet advice provided together with bespoke recommendations if deemed appropriate, all to ensure best practice and great results.
Nourish formula Weekly support: you are guaranteed 2 months of continual support whilst you lose weight. Between meetings you will have access to Alli via email.
Nourish formula Weekly monitoring: your progress will be assessed with Bioimpedence equipment which measures your weight and your body fat in relation to lean muscle.
Nourish formula Weekly information sessions: Alli will focus on factors that can inhibit long term weight loss such as blood sugar imbalance, food intolerances and imbalanced hormones. Alli will discuss how you might overcome these so that your weight loss is permanent and will also provide lots of practical diet advise.
Nourish formula Personalized supplement program: Alli is a qualified nutritionist and if necessary will recommend the appropriate nutrient supplements to enhance diet changes and thus promote more effective weight loss.
Nourish formula Food demonstrations: a series of food demonstrations will show you how easy it is to prepare simple, healthy but delicious food featured in the NOURISH diet.
Nourish formula Guest speakers: experts will be invited to present on topics related to weight loss and optimum health - a personal trainer to demonstrate fitness techniques, and a psychologist to discuss disordered eating behaviours.
Nourish formula NOURISH MANUAL: Nutritionally balanced meal plans, numerous recipes, shopping lists and all other NOURISH key information will be presented in a NOURISH MANUAL for you to keep. This practical manual will enable you to follow the NOURISH diet during and after completion of the course.

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