Don’t take our word for it, this is what Alli's clients are saying about NOURISH……

"I absolutely loved doing the Nourish 8 week course. I lost a stone in total which I'd tried for years to lose after having my second child but just couldn't do it. With Nourish, not only did I lose the weight, I kept it off. Plus, I've got lots of new delicious recipes which I continue to use regularly. I've loved the feeling of looking better and eating food that nourished me from inside out." - Sophie, March 2018

"Alli's diet plan is so much more than just food recipes. It's all about having a great quality of life, being happy and balanced. The recipes are so delicious, you don't even notice you are on a weight loss mission and my husband and kids were enjoying all the new ingredients and variety with great enthusiasm. I found having weekly meetings with a group of like minded people and listening to Alli's lessons on new topics about our bodies very enjoyable and effective. After about 4 weeks everyone was already commenting on how glowing and slim I looked. Definitely 10/10." - Brigitte, March 2018

"Thank you for everything. I have been to many programmes / dieticians etc. over the years, but I never felt I could walk away with something I believe was really tangible and sustainable, until now!" - Wilhelm, July 2017

"My weight today is 85.9 kgs (down from 111.5). That means I've just moved into the healthy BMI range! Am very happy and it's all down to NOURISH." - Pete, June 2015

"Enjoying everything from the NOURISH menu. My family are amazed at the variety of new dishes I'm serving up.... so thank you very much, I'm delighted." - Fiona, June 2015

"The best money I've ever spent - the only diet that has worked." - Sarah, Dec 2014

"7 people have today said I am GLOWING! I feel about 15 years younger, am miles more patient with the kids and clients and full of beans. Thank you, thank you, thank you." - Louise, Dec 2014

"Thank you for the last 8 weeks and your words of wisdom and encouragement, it made the diet enjoyable (most of the time!) the food was very delicious and the group was really lovely. The diet is the best diet I have ever done, it made me realise that eating a healthy diet doesn't have to be tasteless and boring." - Tracy, July 2014

"A big thank you for the last 8 weeks ... you've done a fantastic job at motivating Jules and I to take a different approach to food and life." - Rosalie, July 2014

"This diet really suited me and is truly sustainable: I did not have to make dramatic changes to my cooking and my family and I are eating a lot more healthily. I found NOURISH easy to get used to and keep up, unlike some other diets I have followed in the past. I was really happy with the recipes, which are quick to prepare and really tasty. I am also happy with the suggested snacks, I no longer crave sweets and biscuits and I know what healthy alternatives I can give the children for snacks!" - Valerie Gailland, March 2013

"The results I achieved with Alli were far more significant than I expected, given that I was already eating healthily when I started NOURISH. Alli taught me lifestyle changes that have led to me losing weight in an enjoyable manner that is sustainable over the long term." -Chris McKee, March 2013

"I just wanted to say thank you very much for all your help over the last few weeks. I have been walking very tall knowing that I have lost a stone! I would love to lose another, and hopefully that will happen now.

This is the first time I have lost weight in a healthy way and it's a very strange feeling. In the past I have lost weight by starving myself and constantly denying myself and it's almost hard to believe that it's happened because I don't feel I am deprived at all. Now I know that tonight I can go to a bonfire night, have a glass of wine and can have a burger without the bun and be 100% happy with that. I now find it easy to resist biscuits, bread crisps and cakes. My body has just decided that gluten is not for me. Scary to think that if I hadn't booked your course on a whim I would still be a stone heavier and really unhappy! Thank you again" -Anna, November 13

"I'd like to add my thanks as well. I've come off my gastro drugs and am having fewer symptoms than when I was on them, I've lost a stone, and I've gone down a notch on my belt. It's very much appreciated and I'm very pleased Abi convinced me to come along." -Chris Pitcher, May 2013

"Alli, I just wanted to thank you very much for such an amazing course. I learnt so much and feel so much more informed about the whys and wherefores – there is no excuse now to back to my old ways now !! I feel really great (apart from having cold no. 3!) and confident in the knowledge of how to stay that way. The food plans were so helpful and the recipes are simply delicious. I always thought of slimming meals as grim but I love your Japanese salmon and lemon chicken and so do my dinner party guests! Also the list of choices from restaurants and shops made it so easy to stay on track and the discounts an added bonus." Oct 2012

Loving the food - really look forward to each new meal. Just had the skinny prawn fajitas - delicious and really filling”. Nov 2012

Nourish has literally changed my life. I am now confident I can cook healthily for myself and my family. I know how much food I should be putting on my plate. I feel in control of my diet, whereas before I felt food controlled me!” Dec 2012

“NOURISH for me has been all about the education. I now know how to make truly healthy choices with a background of sound information- thank you”. Dec 2012


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