How the NOURISH approach is different?

Hormone Health Developed by a qualified nutritionist who understands the joy of eating
Hormone Health Teaches principles of healthy eating
Hormone Health Produces lasting results
Hormone Health Sheds fat, increases energy, improves muscle tone
Hormone Health Addresses the system imbalances in your body that drive weight gain and lead to poor health

The rationale behind this approach is simple: when you restore balance to your body, it results in great health!

Alli is a nutritionist with a passion for delicious food; she wants to teach you the principles of healthy eating and provide your body with the nutrients it needs to operate like a finely tuned machine!

The weekly meetings:

Over the course of 8 weeks, in a small group setting, Alli will explain, discuss and build upon the principles of the NOURISH diet.

Each weekly meeting will last for an hour and half, during which time you will be privately weighed, and have your previous week’s progress assessed. Each week there will be an information session, a brief food demonstration and plenty of time for questions and answers.

As a Nutritional Therapist Alli knows there are basic principles for effective weight loss, which she will teach you in the first weeks. She will cover and explain the most common imbalances that impact on weight: gut health, blood sugar balance, insulin & leptin resistance, stress/adrenals and thyroid imbalance.

However the NOURISH diet is not a one diet fits all approach, when you enroll with NOURISH you are asked to complete a comprehensive health questionnaire that helps to illuminate which of the system imbalances may be hindering your personal weight loss. The week before the course starts, you will have a private one-one appointment with Alli. Your questionnaire will be assessed, your body composition measured and a subjective case history taken. Based on this information Alli may then provide bespoke diet advice and suggest targeted nutritional supplements that are relevant to just you and that can be woven into the NOURISH programme.

Alli believes that it is the combination of personal attention, a supportive group dynamic, knowledge and the learning of practical skills that empowers you to make permanent lifestyle changes.

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Sample day from week one

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