Welcome to NOURISH

As a Nutritionist but also as a busy working mum I wanted to create a diet that is practical, delivers results and that ultimately makes people feel so good that it results in a lifestyle shift for them and those around them.

Food is so emotive and we can have a complex relationship with it, but food truly does nourish us! It effects our mood, provides us with energy and when eaten in the right way excess weight tends to simply drop off.

I have created the NOURISH diet so that you can experience the therapeutic effects of nourishing your body with amazing tasting, fresh produce.

Yours in health,

Tanya & Alli

The NOURISH program is run in a small group setting, of no more than 10 people, over eight consecutive weeks.
In each weekly session you will be provided with the information you need to lose weight effectively. You will learn the mechanisms for weight loss, you will understand the correct way to portion food and you will develop the skills to shop for, prepare and cook healthy meals for both you and your family.

Alli, an established Nutritional Therapist, will guide you week by week, inspiring and motivating you with:

meal plans meal plans recipes recipes shopping lists shopping lists food demonstrations food demonstrations educational talks educational talks

The NOURISH diet is not about denial

Alli is passionate about food and believes that eating should be exciting and satisfying as well as good for you! The NOURISH diet is not a fad diet, it is a diet for life. Alli’s goal is to make your weight loss permanent and for you to discover optimal health.

If you have failed in your weight loss attempts in the past, it may not be your fault. Fad diets which miss out whole food groups are virtually impossible to follow long term and at some point you will give up. The NOURISH diet teaches you the correct way to balance carbohydrates with protein. It will not leave you feeling hungry, you will be eating three satisfying meals a day and you will be given weekly meal plans with recipes. There is no counting of calories or weighing out of food, the NOURISH diet is not so complicated or unrealistic that you can’t eat out or share meals with your family.

Average weight loss for participants of last 13 NOURISH groups: 1 stone
(October 2012 – March 2018)